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About Me

Who is Paolo?

Paolo is a journalist and presenter, who specializes in sports and lifestyle.

Since 2015, Paolo has created content both as an on-cam talent and a producer behind the scenes for both online and TV platforms.


Paolo's experience saw him cover events ranging from the Summer Olympic Games, to the Philippine National General Elections, and to the highest levels of sport in the Philippines.

Off the air, Paolo has decided to stay true to all of the sporting teams that have shaped his youth for better or for worse.


So he still loves Manchester United even if they haven't won in years, still adores the Utah Jazz even if they never won ever, and dreams of unparalleled success for Filipino athletes who are perennially underdogs.


Let's do some scouting

Follow the link for a few of my more notable career highlights from the last couple of years.

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Work Experience


2018 - Present


Lead anchor of 'The Game' on One News and presenter for many of the network's sports properties.

2018 - 2021, SLAM Philippines

Contributing writer to the online platforms of ESPN and SLAM Philippines. Specialized in feature writing and football.

2015 - 2018

CNN Philippines

Sports and Lifestyle Correspondent for CNN Philippines. Produced content for both online and TV platforms of the network.



De La Salle University

BA Communication Arts, BS Advertising Management

Finished with two undergraduate degrees through the University's LIACOM program.

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Manila, Philippines

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